18th January 2010

It really has been forever since I’ve been in a quilt shop (without kids!) to really look around. I had one thing in mind when I went looking on Saturday – Boy Stuff.

I was excited to find awesome boy fabrics. If you live or visit northern Utah, I highly recommend Pine Needles (at Gardner Village). No, they didn’t pay me to say it. I was really impressed with all their really cool, modern stuff. And I just so happened upon a 10% off everything sale – score! If you’re grooving on Hope Valley, they have it there, too.

Also popped by Elaine’s, where I picked up some shot cottons & saw even more modern, cute boy stuff. I wonder if anybody else shops for fabric like me – totally random stuff that I think will fit in with what I have at home. I guess a lot of customers must buy stacks of perfectly coordinating fabric all at once, for one particular project. It seems like every time I go fabric shopping, the person at the cash register looks at my mismatched stack quizzically & says, “Um, what are you making???”

7 thoughts on “Stashing

  1. duff

    you need a snappy yet ambiguous reply such as “waves” or “a new lane on the highway” and then a great, big smile.

    your quilting is extraordinary and thought-provoking. i admire the way you reflect before, during, and after making a quilt.

    rock on, sister.


  2. Rossie

    The exact same thing happens to me when I buy fabric.
    My usual response is “matching is a bourgeois concept.”
    People have no idea what to do after I say that. :)

  3. Andrea

    Finding boy/masculine fabric can be like mining for gold (both of which are a lot easier now than it used to be). It’s nice to find a shop that has a variety of masculine prints.

  4. abcgirl

    argh! how can you post such enticing photos and not tell us details about the fabrics? How can I find any of those top prints or the black and white swirly stitch loops on the bottom of the second pile? LOVE them! (or at least, I love the teeny little sneak peeks you’ve teased us with…)

  5. Jessica C

    I LOVE Pine Needles. Been there only once during the luau thing — whatever it’s called. Sang a lot of Karaoke. Bought some fabric and primitive stitcheries. Haven’t lived in Utah for 10 years. Miss it. You have some great fabrics there. I need to stash some more boy things myself. = )

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